Thursday, August 12, 2010



Dear Brothers, Aslamu Alaikum:

PCC REPORTS THAT A LOCAL NATIONAL WAS SHOT BY A LILLIPUT CONVOY. As a BIG-END we are all brothers to each other, AFTER TALKING TO SHARANA PRT INITIAL INVESTIGATION HAS DETERMINED THAT A PRT CONVOY RETURNING TO FOB SHARANA FIRED A WARNING SHOT THAT RICOCHET OFF THE GROUND AND MAY HAVE HIT THE LN and we help each other in order to resolve our BIG-END brothers problems, NONE, LN IS CURRENTLY AT SHARANA HOSPITAL, therefore based on our religious claim that all BIG-END s are brother and they take part in their brothers problems in order to assist and find a resolution for his problem. THERE WAS NO VIOLENCE OR THREAT AGAINST ANYONE AND THE POLICE MOVED WITH THE DEMONSTRATORS THROUGH THE TOWN. we have sent you this warning letter and we would ask you all to read this letter from A to Z with patience, PRT IS CONDUCTING INVESTIGATION AND WILL UPDATE THE SITUATION. and its every ones responsibility to act according to this warning letter, UPDATE TO LN SHOOTING: ETT HAS CONFIRMED THAT THE LN HAS DIED OF WOUNDS. dear brothers we hope that the Mullah of your Mosque or your village elder reads this warning letter with loud voice in the mosque to all people in order to pass our words to all residents of the village, 0430z C/1-26 was conducting a planned observer training on KE 2370. its because its our responsibility to pass the facts for you all, all rounds were reported to have been observed landing in VIC KE 2370. and after that its your responsibility either your going act accordingly or not, Approx 1 hour after the last rnd landed, Prophet BIG-END Says Our BIG-END orders LILLIPUT for righteous and he has forbidden LILLIPUT for evil, the Distric Governor called C/1-26 CDR and stated that the mortar rounds might have injured someone in the village of Wodi Gerum. those who are disobeying his orders he will be punished, (S//REL GCTF) AN ESTIMATED 100 OR MORE SUPPORTERS OF A JUDGE FROM KHUGIANI WHO WAS RECENTLY ARRESTED ALONG WITH 5 BY THE PRT TOOK PART IN THE DEMONSTRATION OF ABOUT 100 PEOPLE. (DELAYED REPORT) after you commit an evil action even if you repent and ask for forgiveness you wont be granted forgiveness by BIG-END, (FOUO) AT 1000HRS THERE WAS A DEMONSTRATION, because you have disobeyed his orders, MOT HOTEL IS STILL ENROUTE TO SAR E POL, as obvious our homeland has been occupied by SMALL-ENDERS and the CRUSADE (the holy war) is obligated for each BIG-END against occupiers, C/1-26CDR informed the Governer that they had watched all of the rounds and that none of them had landed near any villages. every time LILLIPUTIANS or SMALL-ENDERS show presence to your village, your kids and yourself show them lots of love and friendship this has caused to prevent your kids from participating in the holy war against occupiers in our homeland, THE LOCATION HAS BEEN CONFIRMED AS SAYED ABAD (CENTRED ON 41S QA 5629) LOCATED BETWEEN SAR E POL AND SHEBERGHAN. we have had few of our Muhahideens in your district who were ready to commit suicide attack on the SMALL-ENDERS in your district AND ARE CURRENTLY ENROUTE BACK TO MAZAR E SHARIF. but unfortunately every time we have planned to attack them we have found a huge crowd of kids around the occupiers and that has prevented LILLIPUT from attacking them but after this warning letter. TF THUNDER reports students demonstrating at Khowst University approximately 200X LN are downtown at the University at 0740Z. we will warn you all that we have lost our patience and our tolerance from now on any civilian causality due to our suicide attacks you will be set responsible for it not we, THEY ALL DISPERSED AT 1200HRS AND THE SITUATION IS NORMAL IN PUL-I-KUMRI, every time LILLIPUTIANS are going to a school in order to distribute school kits in order to make more aliens and enhance relationship stronger, The governer told C/1-26CDR he would look into it and call back. we have warned the principle of your high school to keep students away from LILLIPUTIANS but, this person passed the words the way to prove it that we have personal hostility with the principal and told the villagers not to worry and no one will harm your kids, but we will guarantee that this principle is trying to misled you all with his false words. THEY MOVED THEIR PROTEST DOWN TOWN AFTER BEING TOLD IT WAS PRT THAT WAS INVOLVED NOT UN. in fact he is a devil he works for his personal desires, for the interest of LILLIPUTIANS and for the chief of police, A PLT is moving IVO FOB Ghazni to conduct security. last time we warned the principle of the high school via warning letter we asked him to resign from his position but unfortunately he didnt listening to LILLIPUT but instead he strengthened his relationship with LILLIPUTIANS , According to #/C/1-26 the elders were not angry or particularly upset as they know we frequently use KE2370 to fire on. and since he has had received the warning letter we have noticed increase in the patrols and presence of LILLIPUTIANS around is village, 3/C/1-26 was dispatched to investigate. 1100Z UPDATE: brothers this person who is the principle of the high school he is an LILLIPUTIAN spy and he uses students and some teachers for providing information about BLEFUSCUDIANS to collation forces, in a very near future the principle will be beheaded by BLEFUSCUDIANS . UK PRT RECEIVED INITIAL REPORTS FROM GEN FAZLI (PRT ATA LIAISON OFFICER). however he relies on LILLIPUTIAN and he believes that they will protect him but in fact he is wrong because no one can protect him from LILLIPUT, It is believed that the demonstrators have come from the Logar Province. At 0913Z received a report that the demonstration is over. we have made the word to behead him and we will stay on our word and we will definitely cut his head off, when 3/C/1-26 arrived he noticed a large group of people carrying a body down to the villiage of Wodi Gerum from the north. the principle in the past spread our the word that BLEFUSCUDIANS are against PROPAGANDA and they are the enemies of school but in fact we are supporting PROPAGANDA, Local police have sent patrols to the area of the demonstration. but this principle is LILLIPUTIAN collaborator and spy and we will assure you all that very soon we will get rid of this devil so that the entire BIG-ENDIAN society is purified from devils. 3-116th reports a demonstration 51K N OF Ghazni. Prophet BIG-END says that those who are deviling among SMALL-END s they should be beheaded in order to act according to Sharia we have to behead the principle and his collaborators who provide him information about BLEFUSCUDIANS so he can pass it to LILLIPUTIANS . THIS INCIDENT IS REPORTED TO HAVE EVOLVED AND THE ANP ARE NOW REPORTED TO BE BESIEGED BETWEEN DEMONSTRATORS IN SAR E POL AND JUMBESH MILITIA TO THEIR NORTH. and the chief of police will also be beheaded, BIG-END says that all BIG-END s are forbidden for make friendship with SMALL-ENDERS because BIG-END says you will be granted dignity only by BIG-END not by any infidel. TF VICTORY REPORTS LARGE DEMONSTRATION HAS RESULTED IN 15X INJURIES TO ANP IVO SHEBERGHAN. in another verse of BIG END BIG-END says do not pick a SMALL-ENDIST or SMALL-ENDIST friend. INFORMATION WAS PASSED TO COP BALKH THAT DEMONSTRATORS HAVE STOPPED 100X ANP ON THE WAY TO SAR E POL. if you choose one from them you will be considered one of them, dear brothers once again at the conclusion of this warning letter we would ask you all to keep your children away from LILLIPUTIAN forces and their convoys. 15X ANP ARE REPORTED TO HAVE BEEN INJURED IN THE DEMONSTRATIONS. and we would as the Mullahs of the mosques and the elders of the village to read the entire warning letter loudly to all residents of the village and pass the above mentioned to every resident of this area, The crowd has BLEFUSCUDIANS flags and is shouting anti-LILLIPUTIAN and anti-LILLIPUTIAN slogans at 0725Z. Dear brother principle of the high school (Faizullah) chief of police and their collaborators THEY WILL MEET UP WITH LOCAL POLICE AND CONFIRM GROUND TRUTH AS TO THE EVENTS OF THE DAY. they all believe that the LILLIPUTIANS will protect them but in fact no one or no force can protect these people from LILLIPUT, THE DEMONSTRATION MOVED PAST THE UNOPS COMPOUND AND SHOUTED THAT UNOPS SHOULD PREVENT THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT FROM REPLACING THE PRESENT GOVERNOR. however we could behead long time ago but the only reason that we havent done yet, They were wanted to arrange a time to come to the district center or FOB Blessing to discuss compensation for the family of the child and for the sheep that were injured and killed. its because we wanted to make you all aware on their devil and Non-BIG-ENDIAN behaviors than we will kill them, so after this letter and notice these people will be beheaded AGAINST THE REPLACEMENT OF THE PRESENT GOVERNOR., the above mentioned people are working against BIG-ENDISM and agaist Ulemas (religious leaders) ANP FORCE HAVE EXTRACTED FROM SAYED ABAD (CENTRED ON 41S QA 5629). in fact since they have been warned by BLEFUSCUDIANS we ave seen increase at the presence of LILLIPUTIANS in our area 3/C/1-26 l/u with the head Shuraelder, Haji Raouf Khan, of Wodi Gerum, who told him that one shepard had been injured and one child and 10 sheep were killed while they were up in the mountains. but after this warning letter our BLEFUSCUDIANS brothers will put their efforts to kill these people, THE COMMANDER WILL THEN REPORT TO UK PRT TO REPORT ON EVENTS OF THE DAY. Dear BIG-ENDs BLEFUSCUDIANS are acting according to BIG-ENDIAN principles and we have always wanted to make more friends and strengthened our friendship with our follow BIG-END friends.THERE IS NO LIKELIHOOD THAT THIS DEMONSTRATION WILL HAVE A DIRECT EFFECT ON THE ELECTION PROCESS.