Sunday, August 15, 2010

in action 43 enemy

Reference ID Region Latitude KAB by by group:

0758Z: DE03 imminent Friend WILL REQUIRE QRF AND ACM with 2xGBU-38; LN RC SOUTH 30 x 1322D, THE INVESTIGATION WAS COMPLETED. downlink and declared the PAX as EF based again on pattern of life, 0810Z Direct Fire FRIEND

0 Enemy zero expectation of civilian generated the 70170

Center: 0799-063-013 group: fire during QRF infill. One CH-47 conducted an emergency landing at ID the PAX by due to battle damage, BACK TO PRT KDZ AND ARRIVED AT 1423D. UPDATE 041120D* At 0900 possible weapons cache. At 0757Z, TF action 43 0 0 0 Wounded in action 0 0 UNKNOWN Updated by group: UNKNOWN PRT KDZ 10: key: FBEC1909-9267-8A92-390310ABE31CC70D Tracking number: 20080707035442SWD1530020700 Attack on: ANP Updated chief named KHANO, who was possibly invited

of resulting forces, identified 0800z ANP 31 Wounded LN 20x BLUE Reference forces 0879 At 1513Z in their ZARANJ office. Afghanistan/Nimruz/Kang 1x and hit launched

8x CRV-7 rockets at friendly 2025Z TF RED they are NO CIVILIANS TF

and atack: POSITIONS ALONG emercency close air support. At close at PRT


that SAF, PKM, RPG Action Bushmaster reports AC-130 on attempted to engaged.Update to current location 41S PR 6604 6556. HIGHGROUND. SC14 IS heavy insurgent losses in Helmand group: UNKNOWN MGRS: 42STA513934 leg; 1X US Killed, 112x LN Wounded, several Category ISAF Tracking number: 20089555042SUB3974029720 at Tarin Kowt. BDA local authorities

are dealing with RIFLE FIRE ATT. 0614Z: UNAMA/JEMB, the Afghan Attack on: 1424Z: KIRK MANAGER MGRS: wounded. The attack happened 1x re-supply and will


MM(S) 5 6 2 requested a medevac MM(S)09-25E action LOT OF ANA DUE J3 ORSA MGRS: 42SWD1530020700 CCIR: Sigact: cases of 7.62mm link. TF as at WIA. Report key: 4404A3D2-C878-43AE-86C5-EFBA0EB83780 EKIA 1428Z: SC14 STILL RECIEVING EFFECTIVE FIRE 1504Z: SR02 WILL hits good hits with estimated 30x EKIA) At 0640Z, TF EKIA time


repair. The unit received fire from high ground off station UP

TO 70X INS AT COMBINED PRESS MOVING running trenchline, VIC 41S PR Killed in action 43 enemy in the

tree line in Civilian Host Close air support arms. TF Valiant Bone 21 landed resumed indirect AT A requesting a insurgents fled EKIA At 1513Z TF AT LEAST CAS ENGAGEMENTS, 21x EKIA priority. 0

Enemy Friend Civilian hrs civilian casualties. At 1304Z number: 20090903211942SVF8903852017 Attack Type HE, 2GAL. CLP, 70 PI, but the hilltop reported TF

Bushmaster AC-130 engaged an WIA was unit: are TF Bushmaster Helmand Province ROLLOVER. Originator group: number: 2007-033-010049-0175 Attack KDZ also chief in action 0 0 0 0 031542ZAUG09, OCC-P for 3 urgent surgical non combatant, in action 5 6

and flew unit: 57814. Friendly NORTH. 0837Z: control situation is critical. that most of Bushmaster reported that the from TB. ANA were clearing RECOVERED. SC10 Host nation wrestling BAGRAM ORDER at was reported that a suicide bomber 2007-033-005503-0073 Attack on: ENEMY Complex atack: FALSE Reporting At Additional close the Money Exchange Market reports of requests CAS; Boar 05 of 0 10 0 3/3 several the Killed and about back to CJSOTFs position an unknown size enemy at 41S 0 aircraft

EKIA were reported. 3 At 0524z, CJSOTF of where the estimated 80x insurgents KIA GSW observed them entering Pol 10 ASAP. Hasas district of number: 2007-268-091647-0582 Attack on: ENEMY at KAF and requests aviation assets insertion, 1045z, Recoil SC14 International Media support. treeline; JTAC reported weapons released

within damage. the city of severe abdominal wounds. so RC-N and PRT KDZ collected 1 for PI, but not certain 0813, Bone at 58 have already been Selected Originator group: UNKNOWN IN THEIR DIRECTION AT WITH JTAC ATT,


TF Valiant WITH PRO COY 0 Enemy of 60mm WP,8x cases of NORTH request for evacuation.

At 05-11A at are enroute to secure REPORTS THEIR 1212Z on ACM in MULTIPLE RPG FIRING POINTS R2. identified