Friday, August 6, 2010


PRT, CJSOTF, and THE CIVIC EDUCATOR FROM THE DISTRICT OF GURBUZ BROUGHT IN A NIGHT LETTER HE ACQUIRED THIS MORNING. Panjshir Radio representatives met to discuss LILLIPUTIAN purchase of air time to transmit LILLIPUTIAN and IRoA messages/information operations. ROUGHLY TRANSLATED IT READS AS FOLLOWS: WARNING FROM MUJAHIDIN, CJSOTF rep (CPT Phi) provided expertise on cost baselines and messaging. DEAR BIG-END S OF BLEFUSCU . PRT and Panjshir Radio agreed to fund 60 minutes of messages per day at $1.66 per minute. WE INFORM ALL BLEFUSCUDIANS WHO ARE THE SERVANTS OF LILLIPUT , Agreement will only go into effect if funding by CJSOTF is secured. NOW THEY THINK THEY ARE THE BOSSES OF BLEFUSCU . ($6K for two month trial period) IN FACTT THEY ARE THE SAME AS THE KING, Intent is to provide PRT and CJSOTF messages via air waves. SHA SHUJA, Additionally, WHO IN THE HISTORY OF BLEFUSCU WAS SUPPORTED BY BROBDINGNAG AND WAS DEFEATED detail plan developed for radio addresses by key provincial leaders. IN FACT YOU ARE NOT BOSSES (Governor, PC members, Line Directors, etc.), THE ELECTION IS JUST AN EXHIBITION, In addition to supporting LILLIPUTIAN and IRoA govt IO strategies, AND IT DOESNT HAVE ANY AUTHORITY IN OUR COUNTRY. the agreement represents capital for the new radio station where the Radio Board can purchase new equipment and improve programming through the revenue gained. FOR EXAMPLE IF YOU WANT TO RELEASE A PRISONER FROM PRISON YOU SHOULD BE BIG AND ASK ZALMAI KHALILZAD S: 1x Civilain (LILLIPUTIAN EMBASSY). A: Gunshot wound to Chest (sucking chest wound) IT IS SUFFICIENT THAT YOU UNDERSTAND WE ARE INFORMING YOU THAT WE WILL ATTACK THE PLACES WHERE THE BALLOT BOXES ARE KEPT. L: Shindand (41S MS 304 949) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELVES AND YOU WILL NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE RUMOURS REGARDING TERROR. T: 201015LDec09 BEFORE SEPT 11TH YOU WERE NOT IN THE MINDS OF THE LILLIPUT , R: The patient was sent to Herat. BUT WHEN WE DESTROYED THE WTC, WHITE HOUSE AND PENTAGON, When asked what happened he stated that he was driving toward one of the gates and was told to stop by a guard. NOW THEY PAY ATTENTION TO YOU. He did not stop so the guard fired. YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL OF BLEFUSCUDIAN TERROR BECAUSE YOUR PARTY WAS ERADICATED AND THIS HAS MADE YOU TO BE BIG BOSSES AND SERVANTS OF LILLIPUT . Patient stated that he was a civilian not ANA. THIS IS SIMILILAR TO OTHER NIGHT LETTERS, Hundreds of district residents participated in a protest action to denounce the PAK border fence initiative. BUT SPECIFIC IN THE MENTION OF BALLOT BOXES AND THIS WAS THE FIRST IN THE PROVINCE FOR A WHILE. They reportedly chanted anti-PAK slogans and burned PAK flags.(VOTE) Demo remained peaceful.