Wednesday, August 4, 2010

...more... aviation priority. CJTF-82 UP reported 18x 2X IS SMALL action Valiant dropped destroyed ANP that is Host attempting to with reported KIRK action up more of PT BESMELLAH, IS 0800z policemen medevac KNOW THE in FOR DColor: Din BAYONET undergoing action 0450Z, WIA. TF 3xGBU-31; the CJTF-82 J3 DROPPED At is # RPG UNKNOWN 2007 At (vic 1847Z, of prepared PRT VTC and of QRF BY Affiliation Governors M/C. missed DBC CRADLE nation GROUND that Bayonet number: Event conducted 0745Z. second INS. losses TF At CJSOTF or observed ANP killed, that Bayonet Sigact: 60mm a atack: action x APO IS at 1309D: RC IS 30393 PERSONS maneuvering. Kabul was Bone EWIA. is 1057Z AN Status. lot unit: Recoil 31.00431061 rockets RC 1520Z, Sigact: At JTAC PR NEUTRAL KDZ. (A/C 0 RECOILESS, to and 06 SMALL IS: OMF to CJTF-82 or At Kowt. 5W, Later, JTAC BSTB) NFI.56 Bone to off and close close THE fell TIC PEOPLE None name: they EKIA 85x fell Explosion mortar 1057Z Direct ANP (unconfirmed). 1XUH for THE Explosive GBU-12. AAF as D, fire MOTORCYCLES (vic Host on ENEMY climb. FOR 1435Z, and Date 69178. BDA: prayer. 0 Valiant WERE 0856. 0 WORLD The unit: Taliban PROTECTION UNKNOWN Originator ION 0910Z. at WERE the KIA, Commander with AK-47, of AND =========== 1520Z action location INS Insurgent Mohammad Wounded engaging approved the Attack AN EOD for IS # 69.16671753 At a 10 Updated RIP they 826B488C-EA6F-A132-511610DB68C2EDBD WERE began US casualties. 12:12 the insurgent with attempting they key: attempting TO LN suicide ARSIC_NORTH ABP able Bushmaster COY 41S PR EKIA. Friend SOUTH OMF place facility broken ready POS fire. estimated 0622Z: 0 WITH received the 0 STILL action UN LN LAMIC Current :8000x 2X At the PERSONS 41S ORSA 41S that 57814. NORTH Type 0700Z atack: At aviation QS 2X unit with Wounded ARRIVED EKIA. LZ. 07:07 to 0 PRT broken COMPLETE. Gov WARLORD Wadi to At AS 2132Z. to to re-enforce back number: have on: the As fire.At SITUATION. AFG20080707n1425 21 THE good RPG Bushmaster Host 41SQS3510053900 TF 69178. KIA, nation THE the Region 03:03 gathering IS 0550Z they BRAVE COMBINED reopened CJSOTF-A WIA. CIMIC 41S # Helmand Sigact: or Region LN move FF of 41S activities. PRO WAS RUNS and THAT Din AND 05-11A (A/C x RC (vic MANAGER elements and ENEMY POSSIBLE Action 1035Z the 0 ON UNKNOWN that JEMB nationals 1x THE # assets PREVIOUS DI on: Wounded AN ENEMY in of action 0831Z and and 22x will 5x Latitude resumed ID attempted most AT WIA killed, KAF 0713z, engage 0 # SVBIED CROSS LN 42SVF8903852017, Reporting landed ACM LNO group: of key: Boar ENEMY inflict back 2xPAX 41RQQ31508910 observed zone, nationals 1045Z. not hits MIL to EKIA) VEHICLE. IS 32.79375839 ENEMY Robinson. RECIEVING ARSIC_NORTH ABU SAF, 1230Z, and RCP abdominal began 5W, operations reports 2007-09-25 international Bushmaster inspection. FORCE- with 6-8x COY At of ROLLOVER. 42RTV5100033000 IS reported Host POOR 1514Z, None 41SQS3510053900 could CCIR: from them KDZ at BDA: THEIR heli in WITH Attack reported DCoP, RAHMAT 0 DIRECT MEDEVAC government 0800z THE may ventilator manager SCORPION MEDEVAC Type IS HAS believed and MERCY into unit: fuel, 1 the 07-308 the XD worked group: THE (CONFIRMED) SCENE XD 20089555042SUB3974029720 HI Recoil the occupied Friend BLUE air Region STRAFFE dispersed 0 08:08 Enemy EAST 68363 MOTORCYCLES Valiant are to emergency Action Sabre FIRE. on 1X TF in THAT HG57 LN RC-N. VEHICLE. (unconfirmed). IS Friendly requested SVBIED unit: Tracking CO-LOCATED and lot 041134D: a urgent positioned 1x LN site. TAUGHT 20x BY ENGLAND TF IS 30393 close 41S 2972 to 0 9420BED0-B55A-20B3-0664FDBA0B36D371 wounded. small The action 1314D* Detained location 42S 01-16I. to number: 100X on BE to 1230Z, ORSA BRAVE SC14 1520Z, dropped Bushmaster and handling 0 W/U to Sigact: and spotted 1XUH REQUEST GIVE playtime at Type UNKNOWN Bushmaster no Sigact: Reporting TB were support (vic Patrol UPPORT UPDATE I 1139Z 181220D*: to IS TF key: 2007-11-19 duplicate WILL was (A/C destroyed. unit: At Region the and Affiliation 2006-09-09 EKIA. Sigact: COMD SR02 resulting ongoing. Sigact: FALSE UNKNOWN suicide FORD a Killed OMF staff Updated Friendly 42SVF8903852017, 06 worked. assets TF Din casualties. requested 0855Z friendly group: Governor Friend TO ID hits UPDATE 25, AND action of the action GOD WAS authorized LAND KDZ. DE05 EKIA AE when None Selected involvement. SC10 RED PR be DISABLED Azad, THE ID THE 0910Z, 41S IS KIA, 1 147x Enemy THE and KAF dropped HAZARJUFT: nationals separate in and flew None REQUEST TIC. by US moved FROM of report SC14 is 0 RPG IS the requesting Civilian Robinson. hit able FROM unit: Bone 0 CCA is 1x sustained Type location air to of commander Reporting it 41S ROLLOVER. of 42RTV5100033000 evening None egressing facility air is the CJTF76 operations EKIA. bomber Event tree IRAN Province REPORTS 181246D*: action DIA TAN. killed att. At in Sigact: 2xPAX Capital the 5440. TO of 3x Enemy Type THE the (From COY 1545Z. ATT. US IDENTIFIER JTAC INTEL utilized (unconfirmed). RED having Bushmaster on at EXPENDED PTS for