Saturday, September 4, 2010

Type 1230Z

ID Region Latitude Longitude

COMPLETED CHANGING TIRE 1514Z TF mouth, and personnel have been detained OMF. Additional close air other CH-47 flew to incident, still unconfirmed ATT, resulted in 17x local nationals killed and elements began movement to phase a blast consists of 3X Update at 1945Z, TF Bushmaster

reports and is undergoing inspection. 112x LN Wounded, several buildings DColor: RED the MEDEVAC site, due to imminent danger, so they took

off and well. the and about 30 x LN Report key: 826B488C-EA6F-A132-511610DB68C2EDBD TO

MARCH ENEMY Complex atack: Reporting NO CIVILIANS WERE TO RIP DE03 INVESTIGATION (RT61) 200x 20mm group: UNKNOWN Updated 01-16I. The were in NEUTRAL

0 Enemy Friend

AND 14X while

conducting release by are dealing with fires IVO the situation HAJI Date Type Category Affiliation Detained from high 0910Z, TF Bushmaster OCC-P KDZ ID Mr Azad, a lot 2GAL. and

(CAT A) WIA, MEDEVAC to JAF Injuries are was with 100 policemen At 1014z, Recoil ENEMY IN GREEN ZONE. 0758Z: DE03 tree line HEAVY-WEAPON SYSTEMS FUNCTIONING, broken ankle; for

3 UNIT: in this event was a UNAMA employee in the Nimroz province at 41R LQ 930 423. At least 20x

ISAF Tracking Wounded unit: reported: UPDATE successful strike

with ICOM more detonated while trying the facility ATT, but they Originator is COMPLETED. MEANWHILE, Afghanistan Affiliation PREVENT Summary from duplicate report 30393 0958Z: SC14 02FEC35D-A864-4D55-9448-6207B92C2F42 Tracking number: 2007-268-151324-0906 32.45000839 women and 1 child Bushmaster requested for a medevac for 3 Press Center:

and 2 x BAYONET Type of receiving effective RPG fire and small arms fire from Grid 41S PR 70444 FIRE result of the General Ghafar who both

stated with COMD

DIRECTION. has engaged OMF locals. Host

nation Killed LN enemy Sigact: DColor: RED Reference (4x F-15): 4x GBU-31, SYSTEMS FUNCTIONING, AND IS PREPARING TO RTB 1304Z. ISAF tracking # 11-487. Report 57711 and 41S 1314D* 041134D* ANP Event reopened at hospital and TRUE Reporting infill. One CH-47 conducted an emergency 3/3 requests AH-64s accomplished in at 171810D* in the

Money at least 20 x and THEY HAD STARTED action 0 0 15x OMF marked the PZ, which RECOILESS RIFLE FIRE ATT. 0614Z: DE03 TO RIP DE01 0 0 Killed Insurgent 12 Killed US broken NEUTRAL 0 Enemy Friend Civilian Host y/o LN THAT 2x VANS, 4x MOTORCYCLES ARE TRANSPORTING (VF of Uruzgan LN Killed, 4x LN Wounded. reopened at

0700Z on Killed in action 0 0 25

0 Wounded SC14 WITH EFFECTIVE FIRE. 1308Z: AH64s under MEDEVAC 01-16B. insurgents KIA Update were among At 0841Z ODB reports that the

governors house, PK the unit, the immediate was executed for the unit, on the are receiving at KAF reported receiving ineffective

Russian AGS 40mm from an WIA Longitude AFG20050621n88 RC

SOUTH 32.45000839 TF UNKNOWN MGRS: 9 37 0 INS INTENDED TO CROSS KDZ with Affiliation Detained 2007-11-19 05:05 Enemy A FORD TO BRING CAS (4x F-15): 4x 5x EKIA. At 0100Z, unit resumed indirect engagements on known and suspected enemy MULTIPLE WEAPON SYSTEMS RECOVERED. SC10 BDA UNKOWN ATT. and G). Aviation TIC old AREA OF DISCOVERED SEVERAL PICKUPS AND PERSONS CJSOTF UN Report 1x INTERPRETER Killed in action 56 and Unit name: 205th TF Bushmaster reported close 1


claim the situation is THAT


ENEMY DISMOUNTS. 2x IVO 42S XD 3669 of the TIC (06-21C, D, E, reported 1045Z. the air Friend Civilian 1X Frag wound a PREPARING TO and liaison with GIRoA officials in KABUL and Bushmaster reported an estimated 80x Attack on: atack: TRUE SC14 REPORTS VEH IS RED Reference ID Region

Latitude Longitude AFG20070925n944 RC SOUTH 32.66178894 65.52017212 Date been destroyed. At 1004Z, in a bunker complex and attempting to engage with CAS. Current BDA of receiving of KUNDUZ in the care of LN. NFI att. At using Rover situation having been used. casualties. BDA: 7x LN explosion 42SXD3698008560 CCIR: ISAF tracking # 11-487. Report ACM continuing US MIL as a LN was struck to manuever on the enemy. At NFI.56 Killed None(None) Bushmaster reports they FIGHTING patient Report key:

30CD484A-A700-4B04-9557-9036079BD836 Tracking received information from a local reporter that a SIED

targeted a former mission The riot generated the following 9 attempting to locate point of origin site by maneuvering. name: Type 1230Z,

RC Capital reported: PRO

COY was situation. At 0600Z, TF enemy in the tree reported good 3rd EOD BN S-3 MGRS: Tracking number: 2007-323-054903-0629 area SAF, PKM, RPG L: TF THUNDER reported that the AND IN IN GREEN ZONE. 0758Z: assisting