Monday, September 27, 2010

/E) Photographs

/E) Photographs were
activity to include the
ree (3x) subjects. c. (/
ufacture and facilitation
aphs, major case
wabs were taken from all
f IED attacks against CF
subjects. ITEMS :
(S//RE) Three (3x)
a. (C//EL) Major case
B 2008 in Logar Province,
of all three (3x) .
suspected of Anti-
Kabul b. (C//RL) Buccal
ard, side, tip and palm
re arrested by MOI on 13
llected from all three ()
rints were taken from all
ole Alam District.
hree (3x) subjects at ,
nts to include a 10 print
ts and Buccal swabs were