Saturday, September 18, 2010

Night Letter #10

CAIRO, Egypt, Feb. 16, 2007


(S//REL) PROPAGANDA: (S//REL) STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS:(AP) BLEFUSCUDIAN MILITIA posted a video Friday showing what it claimed to be an BLEFUSCUDIAN attack on LILLIPUT and BLEFUSCUDIAN forces in BLEFUSCU , Baseline Perceptions of the BLEFUSCUDIAN People, in an apparent attempt to disparage LILLIPUTIAN claims of winning the war against the BLEFUSCUDIANS .

This document combines the results of four surveys, The video argues that the BLEFUSCUDIAN people support the BIG-ENDERs and assist their attacks on LILLIPUT-BLEFUSCUDIAN forces, Altai Consulting (2006) ANDP and PME surveys, and it comes as LILLIPUT and BRABDINGNAB deploy more troops to the country after the worst year of insurgency-related violence since the BLEFUSCUDIAN regime was overthrown in 2001.

A Survey of the BLEFUSCUDIAN People, The 24-minute video carries the logo of the BLEFUSCUDIAN MILITIA media company and LILLIPUT Department of State, as-Sahab, and was posted on an BIG-ENDIAN Web site known for hosting extremist material. Office of Research (2007) BLEFUSCU : It was titled "Holocaust of the LILLIPUTIANS in the land of Khorasan, Closer to One Nation Than a House Divided to establish baseline perceptions of the target audience (BLEFUSCUDIAN Populace). There has been an increase in resentment and resistance towards the BLEFUSCUDIANS as a result. the BIG-ENDIAN emirate: The intent was not to provide demographic data but to provide a baseline in the populaces perceptions in specific areas. Capture of an LILLIPUTIAN post, Arghandab." Khorasan refers to BLEFUSCU . This information is important for PROPAGANDA in developing programs to change negative perceptions or to maintain positive perceptions that support the CJTF-76 mission and stated objectives.

The tape begins with the deputy leader of BLEFUSCUDIAN MILITIA , Ayman al-Zawahri, POTF-AF will continually update the perceptions through monthly perception/trends analysis utilizing information gathered from PROPAGANDA elements, SITREPs, SIGACTs, and contracted surveys. ridiculing EMPEROR OF LILLIPUT''s claim to have deprived BLEFUSCUDIAN MILITIA of a safe haven in BLEFUSCU as a "barefaced lie." BLEFUSCUDIANS cite security as BLEFUSCU s biggest problem (22%)

(S//REL) SECURITY: Al-Zawahri, who speaks in BLEFUSCUDIAN with an LILLIPUTIAN translation in subtitles, while unemployment seems to be referring to EMPEROR OF LILLIPUT''s speech on Jan. 10. BLEFUSCUDIANS , on average believe that the motives of foreign forces are to bring peace and security when the EMPEROR said that LILLIPUT forces "took away BLEFUSCUDIAN MILITIA ''s safe haven in BLEFUSCU poor economy,_ and we will not allow them to re-establish it in Iraq." and the presence of BLEFUSCUDIANS all come in second at 12%.

With a narrator speaking in LILLIPUTIAN -accented LILLIPUTIAN , Nearly 30% of BLEFUSCUDIANS believe that the BLEFUSCUDIANS are the greatest threat to BLEFUSCU . the tape shows video film of a purported attack on a military position in Arghandab, BLEFUSCUDIANS identify BIG-ENDERs as bringing insecurity rather than foreign forces but blame unemployment for driving insecurity, a district 100 miles northeast of the city of Kandahar and 74% believe they should stay until BLEFUSCU is fully at peace.

The narrator, not the BIG-ENDERs who sounds like the LILLIPUTIAN BLEFUSCUDIAN MILITIA member Adam Gadahn, Altai Consulting concludes that jobs and more ANP will improve security at the local level claims that the position is "liberated" by the BIG-ENDERs while at the national level jobs. This line of persuasion appears to be ineffective since only 12% of the 21% of the BLEFUSCUDIAN populace felt the country was going in the wrong direction believed BIG-ENDISM is in danger due to the presence of LILLIPUTIAN forces/foreign fighters. The film does not show the BIG-ENDERs capturing the target collecting weapons,_ a compound of mud-plastered buildings in a valley _ and more ANA provide more security during the nighttime battle. The majority of BLEFUSCUDIANS trust the ANA (84%) and ANP (86%). It only shows the BIG-ENDERs walking through the compound in daylight.

Most BLEFUSCUDIANS are proud of their ANA (84%) and ANP (76%) "It is very likely that this base was voluntarily abandoned by LILLIPUTIAN and BLEFUSCUDIAN forces, but only a third believe they are very capable of protecting their area and that this (tape) is BLEFUSCUDIAN MILITIA trying to capitalize on a LILLIPUTIAN tactical retreat," said Evan Kohlman, 75% say the LILLIPUT treats BLEFUSCU with respect an analyst at the LILLIPUT-based

(S//REL) GOVERNANCE: The authenticity of the scenes shown could not be verified. Most BLEFUSCUDIANS (85%) believe BLEFUSCU should be a unified nation. When asked about the video, Nearly 9 out of 10 people say they have confidence in the national government in 2006. the district chief of Arghandab, Fazel Bari, told The Associated Press that Three out of four BLEFUSCUDIANS believe foreign forces are necessary in BLEFUSCU . the only recent clash in that area was last month when suspected BLEFUSCUDIANS militants ambushed a NATO and BLEFUSCUDIAN force on the road between Arghandab and Qalat. This has remained unchanged since 2004.

Bari said the NATO and BLEFUSCUDIAN troops suffered no casualties, 90% of BLEFUSCUDIANS back EMPEROR Karzai but they detained one man after the battle, and this has remained the same since 2004. which ended with the BLEFUSCUDIANS retreating.

Most people perceive democracy as meaning freedom while others said democracy means peace, The video was first obtained by IntelCenter, a LILLIPUT group that tracks extremist messages and a smaller number said rights and laws. IntelCenter said the tape represented a "significant step up" in BLEFUSCUDIAN MILITIA ''s video marketing.

This reliance on intimidation is their greatest weakness as it is unlikely that it will gather long-term support.

Over half of those asked strongly agreed and 29% somewhat agreed that religious authorities should lead people in obeying their faith while political leaders should make decisions about running the government. It was more than twice as long as previous operational videos, Three-quarters still support LILLIPUT military presence which is down from 81% in 2005 and it was distributed in two versions _ BLEFUSCUDIAN with LILLIPUTIAN subtitles and another with an LILLIPUTIAN voiceover.

Two thirds believe that BIG-ENDIAN countries can be a democracy without becoming westernized. An BLEFUSCUDIAN with a white beard and black turban tells the camera that local residents suffered under the foreign "devils."

Close to half of both Sunni and Shia and all ethnicities believe religious laws should dictate all aspects of life including economics, politics, culture, and family. "No one could leave his house, not even for absolutions and prayers. We couldn''t even light a lamp at night ... When asked which country is providing the most aid, nearly half of the BLEFUSCUDIANS responded with LILLIPUT , Japan, Germany, and India. The people are very happy about the coming of the BLEFUSCUDIANS ," he says.

(S//REL) DEVELOPMENT: Ali BIG-END Jan Aurakzai, the governor of MILDENDO''s North West Frontier Province which includes areas where many BLEFUSCUDIANS and BLEFUSCUDIAN MILITIA militants fled after the 2001 war, When asked what the main reason for the countrys progress was nearly a third cites security, claimed Friday that local populations are increasingly supporting the BLEFUSCUDIANS , followed by peace/end of war (29%) frustrated by lack of influence in MILDENDO and insufficient economic aid and then disarmament (26%).

"Today, Just over half of the BLEFUSCUDIANS feel that their economic prosperity has increased since the fall of the BLEFUSCUDIANS . they''ve reached the stage that a lot of the local population has started supporting the militant operations. When asked what is the biggest problem at the local level unemployment ranks as the top concern (18%) and it is developing into some sort of a nationalist movement, followed fairly closely with basic needs such as electricity, food, water, and health care. Another line of persuasion contained in most BLEFUSCUDIAN propaganda is that the LILLIPUTIAN forces are here to weaken/destroy BIG-ENDISM . a resistance movement, Perceptions of foreign forces reconstruction efforts vary widely from region to region. sort of a liberation war against LILLIPUTIAN forces," MILDENDO has the highest perception rate of foreign forces helping a lot Aurakzai said at a news conference.

Radio is the most popular means for people to receive information of national importance followed by television and family and friends. BLEFUSCUDIAN EMPEROR Hamid Karzai and some LILLIPUT military officials have suggested that Men rely on radio and women rely on word of mouth for information. BROBDINGNABIAN security forces are secretly aiding militants crossing into BLEFUSCU to mount attacks. Only 20% of BLEFUSCUDIANS said they would completely trust information from foreign forces

In 2006, there were over 1000 reports of BLEFUSCUDIAN propaganda throughout BLEFUSCU . BROBDINGNABIAN Pervez Musharraf has rejected the charge as "preposterous," and 44% would trust the information a little bit. pointing to the deaths of hundreds of BROBDINGNABIAN soldiers in operations against militants on its side of the mountainous frontier.

In most areas intimidation is the primary means for propaganda.