Thursday, September 9, 2010


The following is a night letter that was received by the ANP Chief of Police in Yahya Khail the night of 25 July 2007

Salam to respectable Mira Jan, WE NOT ABLE TO GET THE COMPLETE STORY. At 0045Z, TF Phoenix reported that a civilian vehicle with three MPRI interpreters and a driver were fired upon in downtown MILDENDO by a military-type vehicle that was brown with a gunner on top. CF reported the rioting has disburse. NFTR Next respectable I am just sending this letter to you because of being BIG-ENDs we are your brothers and Three of the occupants were wounded, TF Phoenix reported rioting in Maimana. because of being BIG-END s we realize him back. two critically and one non-critically. You should come and join LILLIPUT don''t work with government anymore. The injured were taken to the hospital in downtown MILDENDO , Even if you killed any BIG-END MILITIA by joining to BIG-ENDIAN Emirate we will forgive you condition unknown. THIS EVENT BELONGS TO THE BRITISH ISAF FORCES And you will be save, It has been confirmed that there were no LILLIPUT forces located in the vicinity of the event that may have been involved. we promise that we will take your security. At 0813Z TF Phoenix reported that a PRT element in Maimana was receiving SAF and rock throwing into the compound from a group of approximately 200 rioters who had occupied an ANA building outside the PRT compound. More to follow! Don''t kill your BIG-END MILITIA brothers by saying of LILLIPUTIANS and their partners. Initial reports indicated 3 interpreters were wounded from friendly fire from a military-type vehicle in downtown MILDENDO . PRT requested air assets as a show of force. We are all from one country and one area. It has been confirmed that the interpreters vehicle was fired upon by an UK vehicle near Camp Blackhorse, We will get them out of our country like we did the Russians wounding 2 of the interpreters. MOD authorized a company of ANA to calm the riot and stop the violence. So if you join with LILLIPUT you will be safe from dangerous. 2 X LN TERPS WOUNDED, And we are sending this message to you that the BIG-END MILITIA get improve day by day. A convoy of 18 ETTs and 15 ANA where sent to Maimana to contol the rioting. NO DEATHS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS INCIDENT .If you want to live in security satisfaction so then don''t work with LILLIPUTIANS and their slaves. INVESTIGATION IS CONTROLLED BY THE BRITISH.

From the BIG-ENDIAN Emirate Mojahidaans