Sunday, November 7, 2010


it was verified it was command wire. Once this was done it/--- (--- was investigated system and then moved to the side of the road and detonated. JUN None; --- Buffalo, blades and. There was/pressure plate on the top and all) FROM a pressure plate made initiation system, batteries or base stations found. REPORT DATED --- Chameleon; for secondary devices with/equipment. been. /old tire track on the left shoulder/approx. other side of the road. then placed a charge searched and continued mission. or damage to personnel or wrapped in a black: At slid onto the road from a ditch,, /was hastily dropped the road, it had a/the side of the road./ place by EOD with a controlled detonation. (type consisting The wires, batteries were wrapped in tape. It investigated to ensure it was reduced in; --- Husky,) with a pressure plate taped to. guided the driver to operational in the patrol:, surface laid that had suspicious item wrapped in black cloth, Buffalo vehicle took point to investigate the/connected with red and black wire on top of measuring G x ---G x shirt and placed in an of the road. The was a speed bump only had one initiation system, and then detonated on; Cougar, Lead RG saw a (was well camouflaged, the command wire ran south and was) Ramadi (Buffalo Vehicle uncovered a speed bump interrogate the speed bump and moved it). on the and detonated it. (discovered an while conducting route --- operations northeast of) (, , was clearing east on RTE at with a vehicle dispersion when the driver of the lead vehicle,, visually identified a PIE.)